December 27, 2016

Feed the Needy

“Be the Change you want to see in the World”
This New Year, we #AramVidaipom and the team, step forward to spread love and peace to the world through this deed.
We have come up with an intent to help the needy people on the New year’s day. You all are welcome to donate anything (clothes, things and contribute towards food items).
Anything which you feel not useful for you, that will be usable for the needy people.
Things like (Old bags, Old water bottle, Old shoes, etc.)
“Peace begins when the hungry are fed.”
There is light, where there is charity”
Our team will be offering around 500 food packets as a symbol of our love to the ones in need.
Let us take part in the noble deed. Support us in satisfying the hunger of the poor. The need demands to be fulfilled!
Let’s feed the needy.
Thank you!
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